Saturday, October 05, 2013

Edinboro Homecoming 2013

Regular readers of my blog may remember a previous post about Edinboro University's homecoming...and if they do, they are to be commended on two counts: 1) I post so infrequently to this blog that the fact that they are "regular readers" means they have real staying power, and 2) it was so long ago, if you remember that post then there's nothing wrong with your brain, so bravo and congratulations!

However, a university's homecoming is an annual event and this year's homecoming was bigger and better than the one we attended previously. I think the photo's will sum it up nicely, so without further ado, here you go! I have re-sized the pictures to save space, but just click on them to enlarge them, ok?

 The parade started with the university's constabulary leading the way. I thought their sirens would upset Charlotte, but I was most pleasantly surprised. She loved it!

With just a tiny touch of irony, a nice group of shiny motorcycles with riders clad in black followed the police. Please note, I am NOT using the term "bikies" or "bikers". But, just to tone down the potential rebelliousness of it all, the bike-riders-clad-in-black were followed by the ROTC and flag bearers.

The mascot, the Fighting Scot
 Which in turn was followed by Edinboro University's pipers..... and the football team's mascot!

No homecoming event would be complete without a homecoming King and Queen. For some reason which eludes me, the Queen came through in the back of a jeep, and the runners-up came through in a convertible Mercedes Benz. Last year's King and Queen came through on a classic Mustang. I'd be a bit put out if I was stuck into the back of a Jeep Wrangler, myself. But maybe I'm just weird that way.

Edinboro's cheerleaders put on a nice show

Then it was the local High School turn to show their stuff. The General McClane High School cheer-leading squad fascinated Charlotte, and their marching band were very impressive (and Charlotte showed her appreciation by attempting to dance while seated in her stroller!)


The engineering dept was going to have some "Punkin' Chunkin' " fun after the parade, with their trebuchet.

The "Muggle Quidditch team" made an appearance. It's a Harry Potter thing.....look it up on Google.

I have no words. But they certainly could play music!

Animal therapy dogs were well received by the crowd...

And Erie's Roller Derby girls were also well received!

One of the parade members gave Charlotte her very own pom-pom, which she proceeded to shake with vigor and pleasure!

The tumbling studio had many kids doing some pretty impressive stuff - especially when you consider we were at the FRONT of the parade route. They still had a couple of miles left to go!

The local fire brigades had a good presence, with engines spread throughout the parade. 

The Zem Zem Shriners group had several chapters present, unfortunately their buggies moved so damn fast, I couldn't take a clear picture. :(

Ms Melissa, a friend and colleague, brings up the tail of the parade.